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Our Mission

Our Core Values

Jesus is Everything!

In a world filled with distractions and diversions, it’s vital to remember the centrality of Jesus Christ. He is the cornerstone of faith, the source of hope, and the embodiment of love. By anchoring ourselves in His teachings and example, we find purpose, direction, and fulfillment. Let every aspect of our lives proclaim His significance and glory.

Proclaim His Greatness!

The greatness of Jesus Christ transcends time, culture, and circumstance. It’s a truth worth sharing with the world. Through our words, actions, and attitudes, let us lift His name high and declare His unmatched power, wisdom, and grace. In doing so, we invite others to encounter the transformative love of the Savior.

Create Opportunities for Him to Move!

In our journey of faith, we are not passive spectators but active participants in God’s unfolding story. Creating opportunities for God to move involves intentionally setting the stage for His miraculous work in our lives and communities. It’s about opening doors through prayer, obedience, and stepping out in faith, allowing God to demonstrate His power and presence in unexpected ways. As we align our hearts with His purposes and cultivate an environment of expectancy, we become catalysts for divine intervention and transformation. Let’s partner with God in His redemptive mission, creating spaces where His glory can shine brightly and His love can be tangibly felt by all.

Take Steps of Faith!

Faith is not merely a concept to be understood but a journey to be lived. It requires action, courage, and trust in the unseen. As we step out in faith, we experience the thrill of God’s provision and the certainty of His promises. Let every decision and endeavor be guided by faith, knowing that with God, all things are possible.

Everyone Belongs!

In the family of God, there are no outsiders or outcasts—only beloved children. Regardless of background, status, or past mistakes, everyone is welcome at the table of grace. Let’s embrace diversity, extend hospitality, and celebrate the unique gifts each person brings. Together, we form a vibrant tapestry of unity in Christ.

Every Generation Matters!

The wisdom of the elderly, the energy of the youth—each generation contributes a vital piece to the mosaic of faith. By bridging the gap between ages, we foster mutual respect, understanding, and collaboration. Let’s honor the legacy of the past, invest in the potential of the future, and cherish the richness of intergenerational fellowship.

Generosity is Our Privilege!

God’s generosity knows no bounds, and as His children, we are called to reflect His lavish grace. Whether through our time, talents, or resources, let’s give freely and cheerfully, knowing that every act of generosity extends God’s kingdom and blesses others. In giving, we receive the joy of partnering with God in His redemptive work.

Serve in Community!

True fulfillment is found not in self-centered pursuits but in selfless service to others. As members of the body of Christ, we are called to use our gifts and abilities to build up one another and meet the needs of our community. Let’s seek out opportunities to serve with humility, compassion, and a willingness to sacrifice.

We're All in This Together!

Life is a journey best traveled in the company of others. Together, we share in each other’s joys and sorrows, victories and struggles. Let’s cultivate an environment of mutual support, encouragement, and accountability, knowing that we are stronger and more resilient when we stand united. In Christ, we find solidarity and belonging.

Whatever it Takes

The call to follow Jesus is not for the faint of heart. It demands commitment, perseverance, and a willingness to go the extra mile. Let’s embrace a mindset of determination and resilience, refusing to be deterred by obstacles or setbacks. Whatever it takes, let’s press on toward the prize of knowing Christ and making Him known.

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